from by Kaley Lane Eaton

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live digital processing of voice, breath, and heartbeat create the sounds you hear.


Text from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the poetry of Sappho

And desire said, “I did not see you go down, yet now I see you go up. So why do you lie, since you belong to me?”

And the soul said, “I saw you. You did not see me nor did you know me. And you mistook the garment I wore for my true self.”

After it said these things, it left rejoicing greatly.

Again it came to the third power, which is called ignorance. They examined the soul, asking, “where are you going? You are bound by wickedness. Indeed you are bound. Do not judge!”

And the soul said, “why do you judge me, since I have not passed judgment? And I’ve been bound yet I’ve not bound anything. They did not recognize me, but I have recognized that the universe is to be dissolved, both the things of the earth and those of heaven.”

When the soul had brought the third power to naught, it went upward and saw the fourth power. It had seven forms: the first form is darkness, the second it desire, the third is ignorance, the fourth is zeal for death, the fifth is the foolish wisdom of the flesh; the sixth is the realm of the flesh; the seventh is the wisdom of the wrathful person. These are the seven powers of wrath.

They examined the soul, saying, “where are you coming from, human-killer? Where are you going, space-conquerer?”

[from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene]

I don’t know what to do
Two states of mind in me


For the nature of matter is resolved into the root of it’s own nature alone.
[from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene]

And dead you will lie
And never memory of you will there be
Nor desire until the aftertime
And you will go your way
Among dim shapes
Having been breathed out.



from animal, released July 31, 2016
Kaley Lane Eaton, vocals and electronics; lyrics from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the poetry of Sappho



all rights reserved


Kaley Lane Eaton Seattle, Washington

Kaley Lane Eaton is a composer and vocalist currently based in Seattle, WA. Her work has been performed across the US and internationally, in venues ranging from Hong Kong concert halls, to the streets of Skid Row in Los Angeles. With a background as a multi-genre vocalist and instrumentalist, Eaton's work is concerned with how the unconscious inner world of the performer can provide musical data. ... more

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